(Live) Stocks App - Recruitment Challenge

A small test project for Web Engineers

(Live) Stocks App

Write a “single page” (SPA) app to display live stock data.

The page should look something like this: (please feel free to use/showcase your creativity).



Your app should subscribe for updates via WebSockets (server url: ws://stocks.hulqmedia.com)

Data Format

Updates (websocket messages) will be provided in the following form:

[ [ name, price], [ name, price] … ]

Each update will contain 0 or more name/price pairs. You may assume that update messages will have no more than 10 name/price pairs.

Example update handler that logs to console:

function handleUpdateMessage(data) {
   data.forEach(([name, price]) => console.log(`${name}: ${price}`));

Please create a public GitHub repo with your code (including a GitHub Pages branch) to host a demo version of your app.

We will be evaluating the following:


If you are still stuck, please feel free to contact us (ralph.d@hulqmedia.com).

Bon Chance!