The ultimate digital marketing platform which aims at unraveling valuable audience insights and connecting consumers with products they need.


When consumers are able to find products they love. And when you combine the strength of Big Data science with the depth of precise consumer behavioral understanding, innovative digital marketing strategies are born. HulQ Media is pushing consumer data analytics to its optimal limit to demystify audience insights and unravel consumer intent across multiple digital channels


HulQ Media is a premium digital advertising technology company, specializing in supporting its discerning clients getting an optimal ROI and continuous marketing innovation from their digital media spends, in a brand safe manner, and also - at scale!

Our ROI-led focus to advertising is driven by our state-of-the-art ad-technology engineering and data-led science, coupled with over a decade of experience working closely with high-performance digital advertisers running complex media campaigns across rapidly growing & high-volume categories.


Our teams are led by an impressive combination of digital thought leaders who have built large and successful Performance Ad-networks and created masterpiece ad-technology products that have wowed customers over and over again.


HulQ Media is on the look-out for like-minded digital ninjas to join the team. If interested please click the link below to apply



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